Vegetarian Recipes are a great way to explore new eating habits,

Mince PieThe first mince pie of the season is said to be lucky, and these versions are ideal for making and freezing for Christmas, or to eat straight away.
Naan BreadThis Indian flat bread is traditionally baked on the sides of a clay tandoori oven. However this recipe produces great results when cooked under the grill.
Chelsea BunsChelsea Buns, These buns are easier to make than they look and are delicious
Apple TurnoverApple turnovers are easy to make and taste delicious, this tried and tested recipe makes 6 apple turnovers from a sheet of roll out puff pastry.
SconesScones are the perfect tea time treat.
ShortbreadShortbread is a traditional Scottish biscuit eaten frequently throughout the nation.
Blueberry MuffinsOur beautiful blueberry muffins recipe makes enough batter for eight large muffins
PancakesPerfect pancakes are elusive creatures, every region has it’s own unique take on this simple to make treat and Scotland is no exception.